What to do in Samos

Welcome to Samos and to the Hotel Sofia

The island of Samos is to the east of the Aegean Sea, it is a place steeped in rich history and beauty, a spiritual center for a millennia as the birthplace of Hera, Queen of the Gods of ancient Greece.  Some of the greatest minds ever known called it home including the mathematician Pythagoras and the astronomer Aristarchus.


Amidst the other rocky islands of the Aegean, Samos stands out as a richly forested green jewel.

We are passionate about this beautiful island we call home, and we hope that after your stay you will feel the same.

What follows is a journey into the beauty and history of Samos plus a few of our favorite places that you may like to explore!  Please do not hesitate to ask for any help in planning your travels, as we are here to ensure you come to love Samos as much as we do.

Take a drive…..

One of the greatest parts of any trip is exploring! We have complied some of our favorite spots and scenery on the island in a leisurely drive for you, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance in local car hire or advice for the drive.

Samos island scenic day 

Starting at the Hotel you can head back towards the Airport and turn right at Pyrgos and from there enjoy the stunning scenic drive to Spatharei a small village rich in Greek culture, with incredible views of the bay of Marthokampos and many of the surrounding islands including Ikaria, this area is a major producer of olive oil on the island.

It is sheer joy to drive around the Island, you can just take it easy and relax breathe in the clean air and views remember you are on holiday!

Next village is Pagondas, with many more jaw dropping views on the way, once at the airport drive down to Ireon, you can visit the Temple of the goddess Hera this ancient site was thought to have first been constructed in 800BC in worship of Hera (Better know as the wife of Zeus) as Samos was believed to be her birthplace, for those who love history this is a must.

Temple of Hera Samos 

Temple of Hera in Samos
Temple of Hera in Samos

Driving on then to Pythagorio you can visit Eupalinos’ tunnel, it was built to supply the ancient capital of Samos with fresh water in the 6th century BC with a length of over 1 km and is known as one of the greatest engineering feats of its time.

Panagia Spiliani Monastery can also be visited here, a beautiful peaceful place with a picturesque church within a large cave, a remarkable wooden temple with original gilding (dated 1725) can be seen here and it hosts a marble icon of the Virgin Mary.

Driving down to Pythagorio is the Castle of Lykourgos Logothetis; this was constructed in the 19th century as a key point ofresistance during the revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

The castle of Lykourgos Logothetis in Samos
The castle of Lykourgos Logothetis in Samos

After absorbing all this history call in at Pythagorio harbor to relax at one of the many waterfront bars, watch the world go by and relax as the pretty fishing boats and visiting ships lay before you.

Back in the car and now on to Samos town, here you may like to visit the numerous shops for a little shopping or recline at one of the many restaurants.  Then head Archaeological Museum of Samos to see a rare wonder  -The Kouros of Samos, the largest surviving Kouros (statue) in Greece, plus many other incredible artifacts stemming from all eras of Samian history.

Now you are at the north side of the island and heading for Kokkari, take a break here and wander through the village to the harbor, the village has preserved its traditional appeal with small winding lanes filled with flowers and small houses there are also many beautiful stunning hidden pebble beaches, why not take a swim at one of our favorites Tsamadu.

Leaving Kokkari and traveling on towards Karlovassi drive to Manolates, park your car and have a walk around a pretty village with outstanding views.

Manolates and Kokkari in Samos

Photo of Potami beach
Photo of Potami beach

Leaving Manolates  you then travel on through Karlovassi a bustling town where a waterfront icecream is recommended! And for the nature lovers you can visit t Potami Waterfalls  on a  stunning walk through the mountain, it is then a short drive over the mountain back to Hotel Sofia.

From the Hotel you can also drive to the west side of Samos, where you will be greeted with more breathtaking views, just relax and enjoy driving.

The small village of Paleoxori is lovely to visit for the most spectacular views of sunset, perfect in the evening to go and enjoy a wine and just relax.

Other small villages you may like to venture to are Drakei and Kallithea, both are really delightful to see.  On your way there you can see many small beaches, Agios Isidoros is where boats are built using handmade traditional methods.

From Kallithea you can drive up to Mt. Kerkis the second highest peak in Greece ( you do need a jeep ) there are many small churches, and the Panagia Makrini, an interesting cave with a small church inside. It is a not easy hike so please make sure you have water and food and a adequate fitness level,  but when you get to the top the view is worth the effort.

Panagia Makrini
Panagia Makrini


Samos Greece Panagia Makrini at Kerkis 

Back to Kampos now and to Hotel Sofia, you can walk up a number of paths on Mt. Kerkis, one leading to the Monastery of Evangelistria, Kerkis is 1,434 metres, and this makes the views over the Aegean Sea breathtaking.

At the base of Mt. Kerkis is also the Pythagoras cave, once home to world renowned  Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras who, was born in Samos.

Photo of pythagoras cave
Pythagoras cave


Hike to the cave of Pythagoras Samos

There is so much more to do and see on Samos and we hope you enjoyed our drive, why not join us now at one of our favorite restaurants in kampos and share your adventures over delicious Greek Cusine samian wine and wonderful company.

With Thanks the staff of the Hotel Sofia